Introduction of 24 Tirthankars

We have a brief introduction of all 24 Tirthankars, who are generous, noble, passion-free and very holy characters.

  1. Lord Rishabhnath: He had a sign of an Ox on his thigh. His mother Marudeva had seen 14 dreams, of which the first was that of an ox. He started the religion after a time span of 18 koda Kodi Sagaropam (Sagaropam itself is almost an innumerable number, therefore 18 KodaKodi sagaropam is a countless number) Therefore, he was also known as Adinath (The first one).
  2. Lord Ajitnath: When mother Vijaya Rani and Father Jitshatru were playing chess; the queen was winning and winning. She did not lose. Likewise, the Lord did not lose. He won the enemies like love and hates. His symbol is an Elephant.
  3. Lord Sambhavnath: On his birth, there were plenty of crops everywhere. There was no famine, or draught. All these characteristics were of a good person. Therefore he was known as Sambhavnath. His symbol is a Horse.
  4. Lord Abhinandan: When he was conceived in mother's womb, Lord Indra made frequent visits and praised Him. People in the family and the state became happy and they congratulated each other. So his name was decided as Abhinandan. His symbol is a Monkey.
  5. Lord Sumatinath: Once his mother, while finding solution to a very difficult problem, got good intellect and she could resolve the conflict peacefully. So he was good 'Mati' and hence was known as Sumatinath. His symbol is a Curlew.
  6. Lord Padmaprabhu: His mother desired to sleep on lotus leaf. The lord also was as unattached as Lotus flower. His symbol is Lotus.
  7. Lord Suparshvanath: His mother had a disease on both the sides, but when the Lord Suparshva was conceived, she was totally cured and glittered like gold. His symbol is Swastik.
  8. Lord Chandraprabhu: His mother had a desire to drink the nectar from moon. She had a feeling of coolness. His symbol is Moon.
  9. Lord Pushpadant: When He was in his mother's womb, he had desire to perform good deeds. He became on performing good deeds. His symbol is a Crocodile.
  10. Lord Shitalnath: His father had a very strong burning fever, which could be calmed down by a cool touch of his mother. He also cooled down threefold burnings of the world. His symbol is a Kalpavriksha.
  11. Lord Shreyanshnath: There was a bed, set out by some God. It was worshipped, but could not be taken in use. His mother used in but nothing happened due to the great Lord's grace, who was in the womb. On the contrary the world became happier. His symbol is a Rhinoceros.
  12. Lord Vasupujya: Indra made frequent showers of diamonds/wealth. He got the name Vasupujya from the name of His father Vasudev. His symbol a Female Buffalo.
  13. Lord Vimalnath: When He was in his mother's womb, both the body and the mind became pure with his grace. The Lord destroyed the unclean karmas with purity of this mind. His symbol is a Pig.
  14. Lord Anantnath: His mother had a dream of a garland made from numerous precious giens likewise, with a thread within innumerable knots, the fever and other illness of people disappeared. The Lord performed worship for indefinite period, for three fold jewels. His symbol is Porcupine.
  15. Lord Dharmanath: His mother became more prone to religion. The lord himself was by nature prone to religion. His symbol is a Vajra.
  16. Lord Shantinath: When he was in mother's womb, all the disease and misdeeds disappeared. There was peace all around. His symbol is a Deer.
  17. Lord Kunthunath: In a dream, a big pillar made from Jewellary was seen. The enemies became as small as ‘Kunthu’ Besides small tiny creatures were taken care of by the Lord. His symbol is a Goat.
  18. Lord Arhanath: In the dream was seen the wheel with jewel and the pillar. This resulted in growth of the dynasty. His symbol is a Fish.
  19. Lord Mallinath: His mother had a desire to sleep in a bed decorated with flowers of all the six seasons. This desire was fulfilled by Gods. The lord won the Moha etc. His symbol is a Jar.
  20. Lord Munisuvrat: His mother had a desire to keep best vows; and she kept 12 such vows. His symbol is a Tortoise.
  21. Lord Naminath: When his mother was moving on the fort, her luster could not be seen and faced by the enemies. They bowed down. The lord also got the love and hatred bowed down to him. His symbol is a Blue Lotus.
  22. Lord Neminath (Lord Aristhnemi): Aristha means black jewel. His mother saw such black jewel shining wheel. The lord is also as good as sharp edge of the Religious wheel to destroy the Karmas. His symbol is Conch.
  23. Lord Parshvanath: His mother saw a snake passing by a bed of the King without doing any injury (biting) to the king. His symbol is a Snake.
  24. Lord Mahavir (Lord Vardhman): There was a constant increase in wealth, crops, prosperity, achievements etc., His parents grew with more and more fame. The Lord became fearless, firm and brave. His symbol is a Lion.


Narration Chart of 24 Tirthankars