Jain Worship And Rituals

Every day most Jains bow and say their universal prayer, the "Namokar Mantra", also known variously as Navkar Mantra, Namaskar Mantra, Parmesthi Mantra, Panch Namaskar Mantra. The purpose of Jain worship or prayer is to break the barriers of the worldly attachments and desires, so as to assist in the liberation of the soul.

Jain rituals in general include:
• Panch-kalyanak Pratishtha: Installation with five auspicious events.
• Pratikramana: Repentance of sins.
• Samayika: Meditation
• Guru Vandana, Chaitya Vandana, and other sutras to honor ascetics.
Over time, some sections of Jains also pray deities, which are yakshas and yakshinis.